Are You an “Agile” Recruiter?

As we approach LinkedIn’s third-quarter earnings call on Thursday, analysts are expecting the company’s Talent Solutions Business to remain a highly competitive offering for recruiters and a healthy revenue stream for the company. So as I considered a morning message for LinkedIn Pulse, I decided to try an experiment — which is … <drum rollllll> …a post on LinkedIn Pulse:

Do ‘LinkedIn Recruiter’ Users Leverage Pulse?

We’ll see how it goes, because every blog post offers an author the chance for broad feedback, learning & growth. It’s one of the things I love most about this powerful platform, as I learn so much from all of you!

Given the 100,000+ users on LinkedIn Recruiter, a couple of questions come to mind: (1) how many of those users are sourcing for Agile talent, and (2) how many actively use LinkedIn Pulse as a source of learning? I realize the post won’t answer those questions, but it might be interesting to see what kind of feedback emerges (if at all).

Agile experts probably won’t learn much from it (although I seek feedback from Agilists around the world); rather, I hope to offer some introductory learning and insights for recruiters who are trying to source for the skills and mindset of “Agile”.


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